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April 2014 Archives

Study shows minor consumption of alcohol affects decision-making

According to a recent study, teenage drinking habits could result in long-term alterations of brain chemistry, which ultimately affects one's decision-making abilities. Minor consumption of alcohol could later contribute to Georgia teens participating in risky behavior when they are adults, the study says. Although this scientific study involved rats and not actual teenagers, the results of the investigation may inspire Georgia parents to have a talk with their teens about underage drinking.

26 drivers arrested in Ashburn after Easter DUI campaign

A campaign of DUI road checks was conducted in Ashburn over the Easter holiday weekend. The police department in Ashburn, along with the assistance of Georgia State Troopers and the Turner County Sherriff's Department, made multiple DUI arrests during the road checks. A total of 26 people were arrested, most of whom were not actually Ashburn residents.

Underage alcohol charges: Police break up massive Georgia party

Police in Georgia were surprised by a massive party held in a public park, which reportedly turned violent. Allegedly, underage drinking spawned charges for the minor consumption of alcohol. Moreover, two women were shot. According to the public safety chief for DeKalb County, where the party took place, the incident came as a shock to them. He promised that the authorities would be more prepared in the future for these kinds of unsanctioned parties, which could include the filing of underage alcohol charges in appropriate circumstances.

2 teens face underage DUI and vehicular homicide charges

A Georgia teen will serve nine years in jail after the death of his girlfriend in a Muscogee County auto accident. The sentencing follows the boy's plea of guilty to the charges. Now, the district attorney for the county is prosecuting two more teens in relation to the underage DUI death.

Georgia psychologist's research could help prevent underage DUI

Students at the University of Georgia could be unconsciously calculating the benefits verses the potential costs of drinking and driving. Those costs, unfortunately, do not involve the consideration of spending time in jail after getting convicted of underage DUI. Rather, they involve the actual expenses forpurchasing the alcohol.

Georgia seminar seeks to prevent minor consumption of alcohol

Teenage drinking is as much a problem in Georgia as it is in any other part of the world. However, one community event hosted by the Dawson County Family Connection is seeking to make a difference. The organization hopes to positively affect the problem of minor consumption of alcohol by putting on an event called "Teen Brain Explained."

UWG ranked high for underage alcohol charges

A recent study ranked the University of West Georgia high among other schools for alcohol-related arrests. The study was published by a website specializing in the topic of drug rehabilitation centers. According to the results, UWG ranks tenth in the nation for alcohol arrests and 25th in the nation for drug arrests. Considering many college students are under the age of 21, it is likely that numerous arrests involve underage alcohol charges.

Shaquille O'Neal will lecture about underage DUI in Georgia

The retired professional basketball star, Shaquille O'Neal, will be giving lectures to teenagers about avoiding distracted driving and drunk driving. The talks are intended to educate teens about the dangers associated with underage DUI in the hopes of discouraging them from engaging in such activities. According to the District Attorney's Office of DeKalb County, Shaq plans to join them along with fire and rescue workers to lecture high school students in Lithonia.