Don’t let peer pressure lead to a DUI

Drinking has long been linked to peer pressure. This is especially true with young people, but it can apply to anyone. When someone asks if you want another drink, you’re more likely to say yes than if you had simply considered getting one on your own.  Similarly,...

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What can increase the severity of a DUI?

When it comes to a DUI, not all offenses are equal. There is no guarantee that your neighbor getting off lightly means you will, too. Besides, there is no easy option when it comes to a DUI. Even a first-time offense could result in a year in jail and a year’s license...

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What Is DUI Less Safe In Georgia?

In Georgia, police can arrest anyone driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher for a DUI. While this situation may seem as though driving with less than a .08 BAC is safe from DUI charges, they may be vulnerable to Georgia’s DUI Less Safe Statute....

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