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Skilled Defense Against Serious Federal Drug Charges

Drug cases involving large quantities of controlled substances, weapons as well as drugs, or complex drug trafficking conspiracies are normally referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office for prosecution in the federal system. If you’re facing federal drug charges in Georgia, contact an experienced defense attorney at the law firm of Daniels & Rothman in Athens.

Federal cases are charged by grand jury indictment. If you have reason to believe that you are under federal investigation before the grand jury returns its charges, you stand to benefit in many ways if you get a lawyer’s advice immediately.

Early Attention From A Drug Crimes Lawyer Makes A Difference

The government is usually easier to deal with before it’s committed to a particular set of drug charges, and our advice prior to indictment can often keep you from ever having to face the most serious potential charges. We represent people facing actual or potential federal drug charges in such situations as:

  • Interstate or international drug trafficking or distribution conspiracies
  • Charges related to the manufacture or cultivation of methamphetamine or marijuana
  • Seizure of cocaine or heroin together with firearms
  • Drug distribution charges that depend on the testimony of a confidential informant or undercover agent
  • Cases involving unauthorized possession of prescription drugs or forged prescriptions
  • Money laundering cases related to a broader drug investigation
  • Federal asset forfeiture proceedings involving cash, real estate, vehicles or other property

Our goal in all drug cases is to minimize your exposure to punishment while protecting the full range of your legal, family, professional and financial interests.

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For additional information about our ability to represent you effectively against federal drug charges, call 706-621-5166 or email our online form to contact a criminal trial lawyer at Daniels & Rothman in Athens.