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Drunk Driving Accidents And Felony DUI Defense

While most DUI cases are charged as misdemeanors, even a first-offense DUI arrest can lead to felony charges. Any alcohol-related accident that results in serious injury or death can be charged as a felony without regard to your previous driving record. Fatal accidents can be charged as vehicular homicide in the first degree.

If you are facing felony DUI charges based on prior DUI/DWI convictions or a serious accident, contact an experienced criminal trial lawyer at the law firm of Daniels & Rothman. Our focus on the facts and trial strategies that can win your case might mean the difference between a dismissal or drastic reduction of the charges and a prison term of several years.

We Don’t Compromise DUI Cases – We Do Our Best To Win Them

Georgia criminal defense attorney Jeff Rothman’s practice focuses on the trial of contested DUI charges. His experience with accident and repeat DUI cases means that you will receive the benefit of a carefully crafted defense that takes full advantage of every weakness in the government’s case and makes the most of every strength of your own.

Among the strategies that can lead to favorable results in felony DUI cases are these:

  • Challenging allegations of intoxication or impairment through forensic evidence
  • Focusing on your actual criminal intent or state of mind
  • Attacking inconsistencies in the statements of police, lay witnesses or prosecution experts
  • Challenging the maintenance, calibration or operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000, Intoxilyzer 9000 or other testing equipment

Keep in mind that the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt every fact essential to convicting you of any given criminal offense. Our firm’s trial experience helps us show the jury in clear and understandable terms just what doubts it should maintain about your guilt.

To learn more about our ability to protect your interests if you are charged with a felony in the aftermath of a car crash, contact Daniels & Rothman in Athens using our online form or by dialing 706-621-5166.