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Search Warrants Are Game-Changing Moments

One of the moments when a criminal charge becomes very real for many people is when the police serve them with a search warrant. In that situation, you may have had some inkling of investigation, but once the warrant is in your hands and the police are in your home, things change.

At Daniels & Rothman, P.C., we are well-aware of the risk and worries that come with criminal charges. Across Athens, we’ve worked with many individuals facing serious criminal charges. We are aggressive and thorough lawyers with more than 80 years of combined experience. We will fight to defend your freedom and your rights with everything we have.

A Search Warrant Does Not Necessarily Mean Charges

One of the less talked about aspects of a search warrant is that it does not necessarily lead to evidence or charges. The search has to turn up some evidence before a charge can come against you, and from a practical standpoint, that there’s a warrant at all means there is not enough evidence against you.

That begs the question, what evidence do authorities need to have to get a warrant? Georgia law only requires prosecutors and police to have probable cause or a reasonable suspicion that there is evidence of a crime. It is not a high bar, but it is a consistent one.

The Most Important Thing To Do During And After A Search

While a search is happening on your property, after the search completes, and any moment you interact with police investigating you, there will be an urge to speak. Fight that urge as strongly as you can. What police want in the moment of searching your house is more information; if they cannot get it through material evidence, they’ll take it in the words you use.

You are the primary source of evidence against you, despite your actions and intentions. So, it is best then to leave communication and coordination to us.

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Since 1995, our attorneys have fought for clients facing criminal charges of any kind. We’re dedicated and do not back down from a challenge, no matter how dire. We’re on your side. Reach out to us today to find out what we can do for you if police serve you with a search warrant. Call 706-621-5166 or send an email using this form.