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Failing To Follow The Terms Of A Divorce In Georgia

What are your options when your spouse fails to abide by a divorce decree? What should you do if a spouse accuses you of failing to abide by your obligations following a divorce? What was once an appropriate divorce order may fail to address the realities of today. At Daniels & Rothman in Athens, Georgia, we aggressively represent our clients in contempt and enforcement actions related to Georgia’s divorce and child support laws.

To learn more about a contempt and enforcement action following your divorce, contact us for a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

Contempt – Holding People Accountable

Court orders are to be followed by all parties, regardless of the circumstances. If a spouse cannot abide by the terms of a divorce decree, the appropriate course is to petition the court to modify its order; he or she cannot simply refuse to follow an order. These motions petition the court to hold a spouse in contempt for:

  • Failing to pay child support required by state child support laws
  • Interfering with child custody or visitation
  • Relocating a child without court permission
  • Refusing to comply with property division orders
  • Failing to pay alimony

Our firm will aggressively stand up and fight for your rights under state divorce and child support laws by filing a contempt motion.

Defense Against Enforcement Actions

Sometimes, there is an understandable reason why you did not abide by the terms of a divorce decree. People get sick, lose their jobs, or have to deal with other types of financial hardships that make it impossible to pay child support or alimony. We will fight aggressively to defend you against contempt motions filed by your spouse in Georgia.

We Will Aggressively Fight For Your Rights

If you have questions about a contempt or enforcement action under state divorce or child support laws, call 706-621-5166 or email an experienced family law attorney at Daniels & Rothman today. We will fight hard to protect your interests after a divorce.