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DUI Defense When You Need To Beat The Charge

At the Athens law firm of Daniels & Rothman, our approach to DUI defense is a little unusual. We try to win every case. Contact us for a free consultation about our strategies and tactics for resolving your DUI defense problems.

Our attorneys don’t care how high your BAC reading was or what the arresting officer’s report says. You’d be surprised how often we can get drunk driving charges dismissed ahead of trial. If we can’t get rid of the case early, we’ll present your defense to a jury and require the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. We’re the lawyers to call when a guilty plea just won’t work.

Aggressive DUI Defense Can Save Your Driver’s License Or Even Your Career

Any DUI arrest puts into motion a series of unpleasant consequences. For most drivers, the biggest immediate problem is protecting their licenses. If you blow a .08 blood alcohol concentration, or if you refuse the breath test, your license will be suspended; the question is for how long. If you apply for a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) within 10 days of the arrest, however, we can often keep your license intact while we work on the defense of the criminal DUI case.

Another serious consequence of a DUI arrest is the risk of a conviction. A first-offense DUI can actually put you in jail for up to a year if there are aggravating circumstances. Even if you avoid jail entirely, your new criminal record will count against you as a prior offense on any repeat DUI charge and as a serious barrier to future job prospects or a professional license. For commercial drivers, of course, a DUI conviction will put your career on ice.

Athens DUI Lawyer Jeff Rothman Concentrates On Defending Contested Cases

Our law firm explores the full range of your potential DUI defenses: lack of reasonable suspicion to stop your car, constitutional problems with the operation of a DUI roadblock, lack of probable cause to arrest you and technical problems with the Intoxilyzer 5000 unit that measured your blood alcohol concentration.

We especially enjoy cases that combine a refusal to submit to a breath test with a DUI arrest based on field sobriety tests. Without going into detail about our methods — you never know who’s reading online — we’ll simply say that this particular fact pattern usually presents more promising options for an effective defense than we normally need to use in a given case.

Our firm represents clients facing harsher punishment based on prior DUI or DWI convictions, underage DUI charges, out-of-state drivers and even people charged with felony drunk driving offenses. Before deciding to accept a guilty plea, contact us at Daniels & Rothman in Athens. Call our office at 706-621-5166.