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Georgia man arrested for DUI on lawnmower

You don't have to drive a car, truck or even a motorcycle to be arrested for DUI. One Bolingbroke man learned that lesson the hard way. He was arrested on April 25 when he drove his lawnmower to a local gas station to buy beer.

According to the Monroe County sheriff, the man was arrested at a gas station located off GA Highway 19 South. Apparently, someone saw him driving the lawnmower down the highway and called the sheriff's office because they believed he was intoxicated. The sheriff says that sometimes situations aren't what witnesses describe. However, in this case, "the caller was exactly right -- there was an intoxicated man on a lawnmower driving down the road."

The disadvantages of a sobriety test at night

As the summer approaches, you’ll start seeing more police cars hiding on the sides of the roads during the latter hours of the day. The hottest months of the year is one of the most dangerous times for drivers for various reasons. One of those reasons is the number of drivers guilty of DUI around this time.

Many officers that pull over suspected DUI drivers do so at night. Summer has plenty of holidays and eventful weekends that encourage many Georgia residents to spend a few extra hours at the bar, so these are the prime times to catch intoxicated motorists.

Keeping your teen away from alcohol, drugs this summer

If you're the parent of a teen, it's probably no surprise to learn that they're more likely to use alcohol and illegal drugs for the first time in June and July than in any other months. In fact, they may be more than twice as likely to try one or both for the first time during those summer months. That's according to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Increased free time, more parties and lack of adult supervision during the summer can all lead to more exposure to illegal substances -- including alcohol, which is illegal in Georgia, with just a few exceptions, for those under 21.

Why 'buzzed driving' can be as deadly as being over the limit

A driver doesn't have to be falling-down drunk or even have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% to be a danger on the road. You've probably seen the ads that warn "Buzzed driving is drunk driving." So, what is "buzzed driving?"

It refers to driving with a BAC of anywhere from .01% to .07%. Here in Georgia, drivers who are under 21 only need a BAC of .02% for a DUI arrest. Many other states have similarly low legal limits for minors.

State lawmakers vote to amend implied consent language

Georgia lawmakers in both houses of the state legislature passed a bill last month that would amend what law enforcement officers can legally tell people detained for suspicion of DUI about their rights regarding a Breathalyzer test. It was sent to Gov. Brian Kemp early this month and now awaits his signature. If he signs it (or if he vetoes it and the legislature overrides his veto), the change will become effective on July 1.

Previously, under Georgia's implied consent laws, if a driver was stopped because an officer suspected them of being under the influence, they were read a statement that said, in part, that if they refused to take a Breathalyzer test, that refusal could be used as evidence against them in court. A similar statement is read to people suspected of boating or hunting while under the influence.

Helping your teen plan a safe prom or graduation party

As parents of high school students gear up for prom and graduation season, it may not be reassuring to learn that about a third of alcohol-related traffic fatalities for teens each year happen from April through June. That's according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data.

Since teens obtain much of the alcohol that causes these crashes at parties, many parents invite their kids to have parties at their home. This helps parents remain in control of the situation. If you're considering this option, the Drug-Free Action Alliance has some tips:

How to respond when an officer pulls you over

Getting pulled over by an officer is a stressful situation. It’s important to remember to stay calm and obey a few simple rules.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry, late for an appointment or not feeling well – when you see the police lights behind you, begin to pull over.

Survey: Teens are feeling less pressure to drink, use drugs

Parents may find some relief in a recent survey by Axios that indicates that teens are less likely to consume alcohol, use drugs or engage in sex than their parents were at that age. Researchers attribute the drop in those behaviors to several key factors. These include the fact that people are having fewer children and watching them more carefully than even a couple of decades ago.

Another reason, which could come with its own set of problems, is that teens today are under more pressure to earn grades that will get them into their chosen college. While that pressure can minimize their likelihood of engaging in risky behavior, it also creates a good deal of anxiety in many teens.

How accurate are breathalyzer results?

A DUI arrest can feel like the end of the world. You thought you were okay to get behind the wheel, and then suddenly, you were being pulled over by the police. You told the officer you just had two drinks, but when you took a breathalyzer test, your BAC came back over the legal limit.

You cannot believe the mess you have gotten into. A criminal record could really hurt your future, but you feel helpless. Before you give up, know that you have the right to a defense against these charges. An arrest for a DUI is not the same as a conviction.

How to avoid a DUI on St. Patrick's Day

It started out as a religious holiday in Ireland. However, to most Americans, St. Patrick's Day is a day to have fun, drink and celebrate their Irish roots -- real or imagined. Most St. Patrick's Day celebrations involve drinking -- everything from green beer to the more authentically Irish Guinness and various brands of Irish whiskey.

Law enforcement officers are out in force watching for drunk drivers. Therefore, the best way to avoid having a DUI ruin your day (and the weeks and months after), is not to get behind the wheel after drinking. Even better -- try a sober St. Patty's Day. You'll remember it, and there won't be any embarrassing pictures or videos following you around online.