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Athens GA DUI Law Blog

Alleged drunk driver charged with resisting officers, pulling gun

If you're pulled over by a law enforcement officer for suspected drunk driving, the last thing you should do is resist the officer in any way — and certainly not with a weapon. This can only make matters worse. Unfortunately, not everyone exercises good judgment when they're in that situation —

particularly if they are indeed under the influence.

Prom and graduation season brings teen DUIs

We're coming to the end of Alcohol Awareness Month, which coincides with the start of prom and graduation season. Both events are iconic in teens' lives. However, they're often associated with copious -- and often dangerous -- amounts of drinking. Too often, teens choose to drive when they're in no condition to, sometimes with tragic results.

We see news reports every spring of teens who are permanently injured and killed in drunk driving crashes. There are real statistics to back of that anecdotal evidence. One-third of all teen traffic violations and fatalities occur between April and June.

Parents can help prevent teen drinking this summer

As Georgia teens count down the days until summer vacation, many parents are strategizing how to keep them busy and out of trouble.

That trouble could involve alcohol. More young people have their first experience drinking alcohol during June or July than any other month of the year -- over 11,000 according to estimates from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Why do teens ride with drivers who are under the influence?

Even teens who don't drink and drive may risk their lives by getting into a car with someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. A recently released university study reported that of 2,000 teens surveyed within two years after graduating from high school, approximately a third reported that they had ridden with an impaired driver.

Based on the study, the impaired drivers behind the wheel are more likely to be other young people than older adults. That's particularly dangerous because teens who are driving drunk have a 17 times higher chance of dying in a crash than adults.

Is your child an alcoholic?

As a parent of a teen, finding out that he or she has been getting drunk at parties, while out with friends or alone can be troubling and frightening. If there is a history of alcoholism in your family, you may fear that your child has inherited the disease and feel that getting him or her into Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or a recovery program is the only way to deal with it.

However, many people of all ages are "problem drinkers" rather than alcoholics. That means that they're able to cut back on their alcohol consumption or even stop drinking completely without outside help if they choose to. Studies have found that up to three-quarters of people who quit drinking do so without treatment or a 12-step program.

Underage drunk driving is illegal under the zero tolerance law

You got behind the wheel of your car after having a few drinks since you didn't sense that you were intoxicated. When you were stopped by police at a driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint, you were asked to submit take a portable breath test. While your results were far under the legal limit, they still indicated that you'd consumed alcohol earlier in the day.

While many may argue that no one should get behind the wheel after drinking, many adults do. Generally, as long as a person 21 or over's blood alcohol content (BAC) doesn't exceed the legal limit, then they're free to go on their way. This isn't the case though with drivers under the age of 21.

Why driving the morning after Valentine's Day may not be wise

Drivers who plan to have a drink or two on Valentine's Day with their significant other should arrange for a way to get home safely. Whether it means ordering a limo or scheduling an Uber, this will let you celebrate without risking your safety (or anyone else's) to get home.

However, since Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the week this year, many folks will be headed back to work the next morning. This "morning after" driving can be dangerous as well -- and can land you in jail with a DUI.

An Athens helmet law stop results in a man's drunk driving arrest

An astute Athens Police Officer decided to pull over a male scooter driver on Wednesday, Jan. 24 after noticing that his female passenger wasn't wearing a helmet in accordance with Georgia state law.

Soon after the pair was detained, officers approached the bike and asked its operator for identification. The incident report in the matter states that officers became suspicious of motorist as he was taking a long time to locate and turn over his license. When he eventually handed it over, police discovered that it had been suspended.

Alcohol and Adderall: A popular but dangerous combination

Many kids are prescribed Adderall to treat ADHD and other attention deficit disorders. Some continue using it in college, finding that it helps them focus on studying and staying awake longer.

Unfortunately, some college students find that Adderall not only helps them study longer, but party longer. Drinking alcohol if you are taking Adderall can have lethal effects.

DUI arrests have dropped in Georgia -- but not fatalities

The number of arrests in Georgia for driving under the influence has dropped by almost 50 percent since 2008. That amounts to nearly 50,000 fewer arrests. DUI arrests by the Atlanta Police Department (APD) have dropped by more than a quarter since 2015.

Unfortunately, the number of DUI-related fatalities in our state hasn't had a steady decline in that time. Georgia is among the states with the highest number of DUI fatalities.