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Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights?

Some of the best memories from childhood come from spending time with grandfathers and grandmothers. Unfortunately, many grandparents in Georgia have been banned from seeing their grandchildren. This usually happens after a divorce, when one parent has died or among unmarried parents. Regardless of your unique circumstances, if you have been prohibited from seeing your grandchildren, it is time to get an attorney involved.

At Daniels & Rothman, we maintain an active family law practice that serves the legal needs of all family members, including grandparents. Under the direction of attorney Gregory Daniels, we help reunite grandparents and grandchildren through fair visitation arrangements. Mr. Daniels has nearly 25 years of legal experience and has successfully handled a number of grandparents’ rights cases.

Have You Been Denied Grandchild Visitation In Georgia?

If you are a grandparent who is not allowed to see your grandchildren, there is hope. According to state laws, we must show that it would harm your grandchildren if they are not allowed to see you. Fortunately, there is a presumption in Georgia that severing a grandparent-grandchild relationship does harm the children. So unless there is an issue of safety or negative influence, you are in a good position to fight for visitation rights. It is important to note that if the children’s parents are still married, grandparents do not have the same rights to visitation. We are only able to help when the children’s parents are divorced, were never married or if one of the parents has died.

In certain cases, a parent may have a valid reason for denying grandparents visitation. Our law firm is also equipped to represent these parents in order to help protect the best interests of the kids.

Protect Your Rights To See Your Grandchildren. Contact Our Law Firm.

Grandparents have legal rights to visitation in Georgia, and these rights were strengthened after a recent legislative session. However, it is still essential to consult with a family law attorney before proceeding with your matter. When your relationship with your grandchildren is at stake, don’t risk facing the legal system on your own.

Contact our Athens grandparents’ rights lawyers at 706-621-5166 to learn more about your options. We are ready to help.