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Charged With DUI Drugs? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Alcohol isn’t the only thing that can get you into trouble behind the wheel. You can face arrest for driving under the influence of drugs. Street drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine and illegal narcotics can impair your motor skills and judgment just as much as alcohol. Even some prescription medications — for example, sleep aids, opiates and painkillers — can impair your driving. Georgia law enforcement agencies have ramped up their enforcement of drug DUIs in recent years. Police officers are trained to recognize the signs of drug use. If you got pulled over and had zero evidence of alcohol consumption, you may still end up behind bars facing allegations of driving under the influence of drugs.

How Drug-Related DUIs Are Different

Unlike alcohol, drugs aren’t subject to a bright-line “legal limit” for purposes of DUI charges. The issue isn’t whether you had drugs in your system — or how much you had. Rather, the issue is whether the drugs actually impaired your driving. Because drugs and medications affect everyone differently, this issue is often at the crux of drug-related DUI cases.

The evidence in drug DUI cases is often weaker than in alcohol-related cases. There may or may not have been a blood test. The prosecution might rely heavily on the police officer’s observations.

Despite these differences, the consequences for drug DUIs are just as severe as alcohol DUIs. Depending on your circumstances, you could face jail time, steep fines, increased insurance premiums and a tarnished criminal record. You could also end up losing your driver’s license.

Our Philosophy: Every Case Is Winnable

If you’re facing charges for driving under the influence of marijuana, cocaine or any other type of drug, the worst thing you can do is talk to the prosecutors on your own. You need an experienced lawyer on your side to find the weaknesses in the state’s case.

At Daniels & Rothman, P.C., we believe that every case is winnable — if you know what to look for. That’s where we come in. Our lead attorney in this area, Jeffrey Rothman, has more than 20 years of tried-and-true experience challenging all types of DUI charges. He won’t hesitate to fight the charges all the way to trial.

When so much is on the line, you need this high level of powerhouse legal representation.

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