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Underage Possession Of Alcohol MIP

It can be frightening when you are arrested or charged with underage possession of alcohol. Police and prosecutors often use intimidation tactics to obtain evidence, solicit confessions or push for guilty pleas. Regardless of what you have been told, there are ways to fight these charges and/or minimize the impact to you — but you need a certain type of attorney to do so.

Helping You Mitigate Minor In Possession (MIP) Charges

Clients come to Daniels & Rothman when they want to fight their criminal charges. They do not come to us to plead out without first aggressively exploring all defense options. This is because we have an acute knowledge of how to use laws to the benefit of our clients.

If you or your child has been charged with underage drinking in Georgia (also commonly called underage possession or minor in possession), we encourage you to contact our law firm to learn about all the available defense options. In many cases, we can secure dropped charges or an acquittal.

Did You Know?

In Georgia, charges for underage possession of alcohol and underage consumption of alcohol are the same.

Our law firm is known for successfully challenging evidence. We start by asking basic questions in MIP cases and use the answers to build our defense. These questions can include:

  • Was there alcohol found on the person?
  • Did the minor actually confess to underage consumption?
  • Did the police officer report the smell of alcohol?
  • Does the minor have any prior incidents involving alcohol?

When dropped charges or a dismissal is absolutely not possible, there are a number of additional avenues we can explore to mitigate the consequences of your charges. At that time, one of our main priorities will be to keep the incident off of your permanent record or advise on how to secure a restriction/expungement down the road.

Protect Your Future. Contact Our Law Firm For Help.

When you are young, you have your whole life ahead of you. Do not let an underage alcohol possession charge tarnish your future. Contact our law firm at 706-621-5166 to learn how we can help. Our Athens underage possession of alcohol lawyers serve clients in Banks County, Barrow County, Clarke County, Elbert County, Franklin County, Greene County, Jackson County, Madison County, Oglethorpe County, Greene County, the University of Georgia and the surrounding communities.