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What Are Forfeitures?

Forfeitures are the goods and assets seized by police during an investigation. Often police use forfeitures to fund their precinct or simply just hold onto them in perpetuity. In any case, forfeitures and seizures are highly inconvenient to the people police target and possibly ruinous.

At Daniels & Rothman, P.C., we are aggressive, experienced defense attorneys fighting for people in Athens. We understand the struggles and difficulties facing individuals accused of criminal activity, and we work diligently to protect our clients’ future and freedom. Your rights matter to us. We make sure they matter to the prosecution.

Forfeitures Are Not Simply Drugs And Contraband

What many may not understand about forfeitures in Georgia is that they do not necessarily have to be evidence in a crime. A car seized as part of a drug bust may be considered a forfeiture, even if no drugs or evidence were found.

There have been many reports across the country of smaller police departments using forfeitures as a way to fill their coffers. This leads to an incentivized persecution of people who may or may not conform to certain stereotypes. Additionally, even a person completely cleared of criminal activity may have trouble getting their property back from a police department.

You Have Rights; We Protect Them

One of the major rights you have as an American citizen is protection from unreasonable search and seizure under the fourth amendment. Police and precincts should not coopt your property for any reason, whether it’s part of a legitimate investigation or not.

We can fight for you to recover your property after an improper seizure. We protect all your rights from police and prosecutorial overreach.

Defense Attorneys Who Don’t Back Down

When dealing with the authorities in any and all criminal investigations, you will always be placed at some kind of disadvantage. The police and prosecution bank on you accepting their every move, up to and including taking your things.

We stand up for you. We will be zealous advocates for you and defend you the way you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation at 706-621-5166 or send an email using this form.