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Client Service In Georgia License Suspension Cases

Any DUI arrest puts your driver’s license in jeopardy. Blowing over the legal limit may suspend your license, while refusing to provide a state-administered blood, breath, or urine test upon request will suspend it for a full year. The suspensions are even longer for repeat offenders. If the officer served you with license suspension paperwork, you must apply for an administrative hearing within 10 business days of your arrest.

Contact a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney at Daniels & Rothman to learn how you can protect your license after a drunk driving arrest.

License Suspension Hearings Can Be An Important Source Of Evidence

Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) hears applications for restricted driver’s licenses when the 10-day rule is satisfied. At the DDS hearing, we not only argue for keeping your license intact, we also get the chance to question the arresting officer about the circumstances of your arrest, the field sobriety testing, and any other details of your case. In many instances, we can use the officer’s statements at the administrative hearing to your advantage in the criminal DUI case. This can lead to dismissal of the charges or a victory at trial.

In Refusal Cases, You Might Be Facing A One-Year License Suspension

If you refused the breath test, you won’t have the option of a restricted driver’s license if you lose the DUI case. Our opportunity to examine the arresting officer at the suspension hearing can be critically important to the success of your DUI case.

At Daniels & Rothman, our lawyers understand the relationship between criminal DUI charges and administrative driver’s license problems, and we can use the suspension hearing to strengthen your position in the DUI case. To learn how this can work in your situation, email our contact form or call 706-621-5166 to reach our Athens office for additional information.