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Representing Clients In Domestic Violence Matters In Georgia

People have the right to seek legal protection against domestic violence inflicted by loved ones or close family members, as well as against stalking by persons outside of the family. At the law firm of Daniels & Rothman in Athens, Georgia, we represent clients in domestic violence hearings in local courts throughout Georgia. Our main objective is protecting you and your loved ones from the real threat of domestic violence or the harm of false allegations.

For more information about dealing with domestic violence, contact us today for an initial consultation with one of our firm’s founding lawyers, Greg Daniels.

Protective Orders: A Safeguard Against Domestic Violence And Stalking

Situations involving domestic violence or spousal abuse are pressing matters requiring immediate legal action. A protective order, also called a restraining order, is available to provide immediate legal protection to victims by the courts.

Getting a protective order is one of the surest ways to protect your family against continued domestic violence. We can set up a meeting with the judge, one where the perpetrator will not attend. Depending on your situation, a protective order may assist you with:

  • Preventing the perpetrator from coming anywhere near you or your family
  • Obtaining temporary child support
  • Retrieving personal property

We will help you get the protection that you and your family need against abusive spouses and household members by filing for one of these orders.

A protective order can also be granted to protect you against someone who has never lived with you – such as a former boyfriend or girlfriend who will not stop harassing you. This is known as a protective order against stalking.

Building A Defense Against False Allegations

The unfortunate truth is that people know the damage domestic violence or stalking allegations can inflict on a person’s reputation and rights. These allegations can be used to gain advantages during a divorce, jeopardizing a person’s position in child custody and child support determinations.

If you cannot disprove the allegations in court, you can also end up with a criminal record you don’t deserve, but which stifles your opportunities in the workplace, housing, or community volunteering. Our firm will stand up and defend you against false allegations of domestic violence or stalking, making sure that the process is not abused.

We Stand And Fight For Our Clients

For more information about dealing with domestic violence or stalking in Georgia, email or call 706-621-5166 to contact an attorney at Daniels & Rothman. We will do what we can to fight for your rights.