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Attending To All Your Legal Concerns Throughout The Divorce Process

Breaking up a family can have a devastating impact even if the divorce is amicable. For parents pursuing a divorce, the consequences of dissolution can take years to address. When you are in the middle of this difficult situation, it can be a struggle to find a path forward.

When you work with our legal team at Daniels & Rothman, you do not have to travel this path alone. Our family law attorney, Greg Daniels, can help you find a solution for even the most emotional dispute. With nearly three decades of family law experience, lawyer Daniels knows how to successfully resolve disputes in and out of Georgia courtrooms. We make it our mission to promote your current and long-term interests throughout the divorce process.

To speak to Greg Daniels, contact us today for an initial consultation.

Real Solutions For Families In Georgia

When people seek out the representation of an attorney, they usually want to resolve an issue. While many families resolve their issues out of court, a number of issues must ultimately be litigated in court. We are capable of representing your interests and promoting the interests of your children in both arenas.

A divorce involves resolving a variety of legal concerns, allowing spouses to move on with their lives. However, before moving on, several questions need to be answered:

Whether you are contemplating divorce or separation, or are actively engaged in the process, our team can give you the advice you need to protect your family’s long-term well-being. We regularly counsel clients who are investigating their divorce options before they file. If you choose to pursue divorce, we will develop a plan that minimizes the impact this process has on you and your loved ones.

When you hire us, we will move swiftly to establish grounds for divorce, presenting strong evidence to support your side. Before your divorce is finalized, we will petition for fair temporary orders to address custody and support concerns in the interim. We are qualified to handle complex issues that arise during the course of a high-asset divorce or out-of-state divorce.

The choices that you make during this emotional time may have lasting repercussions. Before you take action, get an honest assessment of your decisions. At Daniels & Rothman, we are committed to safeguarding your family’s welfare before, during and after your divorce.

Get The Help Your Family Needs

If you are going through a divorce in Georgia, speak to an experienced family law attorney at Daniels & Rothman. We are dedicated to standing up and fighting for your rights. To get answers to your divorce questions or to find out more about the process, contact us at 706-621-5166 to schedule an appointment today.