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What’s Involved In Legal Separation?

Every couple has different needs and goals. For some, it makes sense to pursue legal separation instead of divorce. Perhaps you want to keep some of the benefits of marriage intact – such as shared health insurance or inheritance rights. Perhaps your religious beliefs weigh against divorce. Or perhaps you have been married for so long – and/or lived apart for so long – that you would rather avoid the complexities and turmoil of the divorce process.

Nonetheless, you may still wish to address the practical and legal aspects of long-term separation. Depending on your situation, you may be facing multiple uncertainties. For example, who will live where? How will your finances and debt be divided? Where will the children live? How will they be supported financially?

Although separation is not the same as divorce, it involves many of the same issues: children, finances and property.

There are several options for working out these issues. A lawyer can help you pursue a separation agreement with your spouse. Alternatively, for more contentious issues, you can ask the court to decide. Either way, establishing a legally enforceable arrangement can give you peace of mind while also setting clear expectations.

Here, You’ll Find Experienced Legal Support

When you work with our legal team at Daniels & Rothman, P.C., you can trust that your interests are in good hands. Our approach centers on finding the right legal solutions for your unique needs and goals. If you have minor children, their well-being is a priority. We will guide you through custody issues to ensure that they have appropriate living arrangements. We will also help you work through the financial considerations of separation, including child support and division of property and debts.

Our lead attorney in this area, Gregory Daniels, has nearly 25 years of experience handling sensitive family law issues with the utmost dedication and discretion.

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