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Defending People Charged With Georgia Drug Crimes

In north Georgia, the local prosecutors have a great deal of discretion about charging particular drug crimes under state law or referring them for federal prosecution by the U.S. District Attorney. If you’re facing state drug charges, contact an experienced criminal trial lawyer at the law firm of Daniels & Rothman. We can advise you about your legal alternatives and help you resolve the case on the most favorable terms possible.

It’s Not Always An Advantage To Keep Your Case In State Court

In general, a defendant on drug charges is better off in state court than federal court for many reasons: less severe penalties, more flexible sentencing, and the commitment of fewer government resources to obtain your conviction. At every opportunity, we work to convince the local prosecutors to keep your case in the Georgia courts whenever it’s in your interests to do so.

In some cases, however, such as possession of five pounds or more, the state mandatory minimum sentences indicate that you’ll be better off in federal court. Our experience with the defense of drug charges of all kinds can help find ways to minimize your exposure to punishment.

Doing Everything We Can To Keep Evidence Of Drug Crimes Out Of Court

An important tactic for defense counsel in drug cases is the suppression motion. This represents an attempt to exclude such evidence as drugs, cash or weapons from the record of the case based on violations of such constitutional rights as freedom from unreasonable searches or the opportunity to confront adverse witnesses.

We analyze search warrants and their supporting affidavits, the circumstances of a traffic stop and other facts related to the discovery of illegal drugs to find grounds for arguing that the law requires suppression of the evidence of the drug crime charged against you. Law enforcement officials make frequent mistakes in the preparation and execution of search warrants in drug cases, and our ability to spot and use these mistakes to your advantage can lead to dismissal of the case.

Resolving Money Laundering Charges And Asset Seizures

Sometimes a money laundering charge or seizure of a defendant’s assets will be used by the government to gain additional leverage in a weak case. In other cases, these prosecution tactics can represent dangerous risks in themselves. Our experience with the legal problems related to drug crimes can benefit your overall defense.

To learn more about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a Georgia drug prosecution, email or call 706-621-5166 to reach a seasoned criminal defense lawyer at Daniels & Rothman in Athens.