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Helping People During Alimony Disputes In Georgia

Money is one of the most challenging things to agree upon during many divorces. Alimony (also called spousal support) is a complex issue for many spouses to agree on because, unlike child support, alimony determinations do not involve state guidelines or calculators. At Daniels & Rothman in Athens, Georgia, we will help you navigate the obstacles faced during your divorce.

Types Of Alimony Available To Spouses

Determining the amount of alimony available to a spouse can be complex, requiring the skills of an experienced attorney. At Daniels & Rothman, an experienced attorney will sit down to determine the most appropriate divorce strategy to employ to secure fair alimony.

Temporary alimony — This form of alimony is available to a spouse who wishes to contest certain issues during a divorce while obtaining monetary support.

Permanent alimony — The court has a great deal of discretion when awarding permanent alimony. Generally, the need and ability to pay are controlling factors in alimony determinations. Other factors include:

  • Marital standard of living
  • Marriage length
  • Age and physical condition of the spouses
  • Finances of both parties
  • If relevant, the time needed for a spouse to obtain the education and training necessary for employment
  • Contributions of each party to the marriage (i.e., homemaking and childcare)
  • The earning capacity and liabilities of each party

In certain instances, the court has the authority to deny alimony petitions. When a spouse has committed adultery, he or she may not petition the court for alimony. A spouse may be barred from petitioning the court for alimony when he or she voluntarily and willfully abandoned a spouse.

Modifying Alimony Awards After A Divorce

You lost your job. You were injured at work. Your spouse remarries. There are many circumstances that can affect a spouse’s ability to pay alimony following a divorce. When there has been a material change in circumstances, the court may be willing to modify the amount of alimony owed to your spouse. We will help you petition the court to modify the amount of alimony you must pay.

If you are concerned about an alimony award or modification in Georgia, contact an experienced family law attorney at Daniels & Rothman for an initial consultation. You can easily reach us online or over the phone at 706-621-5166. We will fight hard to protect your rights during your divorce.