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Helping People Resolve Repeat Offender DUI Charges

Conviction as a repeat offender on Georgia DUI charges can expose you to severe punishment and penalties, including mandatory jail time, drug and alcohol dependency evaluation and treatment, and lengthy suspension of your driver’s license. To learn how you can avoid these consequences as a repeat offender, contact a skilled DUI defense attorney at Daniels & Rothman in Athens.

Two DUI Convictions In Five Years Will Trigger Repeat Offender Penalties

While the most obvious way to avoid a repeat DUI conviction is to avoid the possibility of a DUI arrest, the second-best way is to hire a defense attorney who knows how to win DUI cases. Georgia criminal trial lawyer Jeff Rothman is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA). He knows how to develop and present effective defenses in pretrial hearings and at trial.

The main techniques for defending an alleged repeat offender are substantially the same as they are for basic DUI defense, but the consequences of a conviction are much more severe. A third DUI in a five-year period can be charged as a felony or a high and aggravated misdemeanor – either way, you’ll do at least 104 days of jail time on a 120-day mandatory minimum sentence.

Reach Out Today To Find The Help You Need

If you can’t afford a guilty plea or an ineffective defense on a second or subsequent DUI charge, call a trial attorney who’s more interested in winning your case than negotiating the best possible deal. Call 706-621-5166 or email a DUI defense lawyer at Daniels & Rothman in Athens. You might be surprised to learn how strong your defense can be.