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Over 30 Years Child Support Law Experience

When questions arise about the establishment or modification of child support in the state of Georgia, hire an established law firm to represent you and your child. At Daniels & Rothman, we have been representing parents in divorces from our office in Athens, Georgia, since 1992. We provide clients with aggressive, competent legal representation in a confidential and thorough manner.

Obtaining The Appropriate Amount Of Child Support

All child support determinations begin with the state child support guidelines. These guidelines help define the appropriate amount of child support available, but they are not exclusive. The court has the discretion to deviate upward or downward from the guidelines, depending upon the best interests of a child.

The child support guidelines are used to award child support, but it is still important to hire an attorney to represent you and your child. Some of the issues that may affect child support amounts include:

  • Health insurance payments
  • Tuition and educational costs
  • Day care costs
  • Child custody orders
  • Travel considerations

An experienced family lawyer can explain the issues and criteria that the court may use to deviate from the child support guidelines.

We Can Help You Understand Child Support In Georgia

If you are seeking to establish appropriate child support, modify an existing child support order or enforce an existing order, contact an experienced family law attorney at Daniels & Rothman today for an initial consultation. You can reach us online, or call our Athens, Georgia, office directly at 706-621-5166.