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3 financial errors to avoid amid divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce is a challenging process, both emotionally and financially. Amidst the turmoil, it helps to pay careful attention to your finances to ensure a secure future.

Making missteps in financial matters during divorce can have long-term repercussions.

1. Neglecting to assess assets and debts

An important financial step amid divorce is to assess your assets and debts. Failing to take stock of what you own and owe can lead to disparities in the division of property and debts. Make a list of all assets, including real estate, investments, retirement accounts and personal property. Track debts, such as mortgages, loans and credit card balances, too.

2. Overlooking tax implications

Divorce often has tax implications that can catch you off guard. For example, the division of assets may affect your filing status and deductions. Be sure you understand the tax consequences of any financial decisions made during divorce negotiations to avoid unexpected liabilities down the road. Consulting with a tax professional can provide valuable insights into potential tax liabilities and strategies for minimizing them.

3. Failing to budget for post-divorce expenses

Transitioning from a dual-income household to a single-income one impacts your financial situation. Many people underestimate the expenses associated with maintaining separate households. Create a realistic budget accounting for your new financial reality, including housing, utilities, insurance, childcare and other living expenses. Taking a proactive approach to budgeting can prevent financial strain and ensure you can maintain your desired standard of living.

Navigating the financial aspects of divorce requires careful planning and attention to detail. Proactive financial management during divorce can pave the way for a smoother transition and brighter financial prospects.