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December 2013 Archives

Troopers warn holiday drivers against risks of DUI first offense

DUI laws are strict in the state of Georgia, and the cost of being accused and arrested of such a crime is severe. Especially during the holiday season, the sheriff's office and other police agencies are out in full force to patrol the streets and identify any individuals who may be driving under the influence. It is during this time of year when Georgia drivers must be on high alert and drive carefully while obeying all traffic laws, in order to avoid a DUI first offense arrest.

Georgia city councilman prepares DUI defense after 3rd arrest

A city councilman for Milledgeville has contested police allegations that he was driving drunk on Monday, Dec. 23. Georgia State police allege that the politician failed to maintain his lane, was driving on an expired tag and had violated state open container laws. In spite of the accusations, the politician appears to have a firm description of what took place for his DUI defense. Thus far, he has maintained his innocence and even says that he had not been drinking from the "open container" which was a sample-sized bottle of liquor that police discovered inside the console of the vehicle he was driving.

Georgia DUI: Could breathalyzer machines be installed in cars?

The Transportation Secretary for the United States recently released a statement saying he wants states to be stricter with first-time DUI offenders. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published guidelines on how states can make use of ignition interruption devices installed in motor vehicles. Two Georgia legislators are now advocating that these ignition interruption devices be employed in our state to help prevent further DUI arrests from happening.

Talking to children about underage alcohol charges in Georgia

Talking about underage drinking with one's children is not an easy task to conquer. However, parents who do broach this subject with their children can achieve a lot in the direction of preventing their sons and daughters from ever facing underage alcohol charges. Indeed, children should also be warned that if they are in the vicinity of friends who are drinking underage, they are also in danger of getting arrested -- even if they are not themselves drinking alcohol.

Georgia man charged with DUI after fatal crash

Trust is often a very important aspect of friendship for many people. As a result, friends may not always use their best judgment when it comes to the actions that people they care about may participate in. If an individual trusts a friend to drive them safely from one location to another even though the driver may have been drinking, a passenger could lose their life, and the driver could face DUI charges.

Man arrested for DUI after knocking down power lines in Georgia

Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. This means when somebody is arrested the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. This is particularly important in a DUI case since the prosecution must use evidence collected by police to prove that the suspect was in fact intoxicated while driving. However, if the police were unable to properly collect evidence proving a suspect's intoxication, the prosecution may have a more difficult time proving the defendant's guilt in a court of law in Georgia.

Georgia deputies to increase DUI patrols with $38k grant money

Georgia law enforcement officers, both local police and county sheriff's deputies, diligently patrol the streets to keep the community safe. While this service is clearly helpful, sometimes a Georgia resident may find him or herself in trouble with the law and charged with DUI as a result. Being arrested on DUI charges can be a traumatic and difficult experience for the accused, especially if one is not guilty of the crime charged.

Georgia school bus driver accused of DUI

Police in Georgia are always patrolling the streets, keeping an eye out for individuals who may be violating state laws while operating a motor vehicle. Speeding, failure to obey a traffic device, or DUI are just some of the offenses that they pull people over for. Any Georgia resident who has been stopped by an officer understands how stressful the experience can be, especially if an arrest and accusation of drunk driving results from the traffic stop.