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September 2013 Archives

Georgia man faces vehicular homicide, possible DUI first offense

A man from Perry, Georgia will face charges of vehicular homicide after he allegedly participated in a drag race that caused the death of a teenager. In addition, police have charged him with DUI. It is not known whether or not it is DUI first offense, or if he has a prior DUI charge on his record. According to police, the 44-year-old man turned himself into authorities on his own accord on Wednesday Sept. 19. The incident occurred on April 21, earlier this year.

47-year-old Georgia man arrested for DUI with children in car

Getting arrested and charged with DUI in the state of Georgia comes with many consequences, both financially, socially, career-wise and it can even affect one's family life. Even worse, when a Georgia resident is convicted of DUI, the results can mean jail time, community service, loss of driving privileges, and it could even effect one's parental rights in some cases. Fortunately, many legal strategies exist which can be employed to better the situation of anyone who has been accused of driving under the influence.

20-year old man arrested and charged with DUI in Clarke County

A 20-year-old man has been accused of driving under the influence. DUI is a serious offense and it comes with the threat of losing one's license, and even serving jail time for individuals who are convicted of the crime. Police have not charged the man with drinking and driving, but they have charged him with driving under the influence of drugs.

Troopers arrest 3 Georgia drivers and charge them with DUI

A DUI charge can happen to virtually anyone, even someone who has never drunk a sip of alcohol or taken a single drug in his or her life. It is not unheard of for a police officer to make a mistake and arrest someone inappropriately. In fact, it is a common occurrence in Georgia. In such cases, a strategically formulated DUI defense can often reveal the mistake made by the police officer who made the arrest and the individual who was accused of the crime will walk free of the charges.

32-year-old Georgia man accused of DUI, drug crimes

DUI accusations do not always stand alone. In many cases, a Georgia resident will be charged with DUI in addition to other crimes, such as drug possession, speeding, or driving with a suspended license. Because one criminal charge often includes multiple charges relating to other kinds of alleged criminal activity, a DUI legal defense must include a multi-pronged approach that accounts for the nuances of the different kinds of laws involved.

69-year-old Georgia man arrested for possible DUI first offense

Many people in the state of Georgia have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or another kind of controlled substance. In some cases, police may charge a Georgia resident with DUI first offense appropriately. However, DUI allegations do not always withstand the test of the court. In such cases, when police inappropriately accuse an individual of DUI, a well-thought out criminal defense can help to get the charges dropped.

DUI first offense: Georgia officer arrested, accused of DUI

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience for Georgia residents. That is because the punishments for various crimes are often quite severe and can negatively affect our rights and liberties as a citizen. For example, being convicted of DUI first offense could result in the loss of one's driving privileges and other punishments.

Chiefs coach arrested by Georgia troopers on DUI charges

DUI charges in Georgia are more common than most people realize. Because of the embarrassment and social problems suffered by anyone arrested and charged with DUI, many who are accused of this crime will do their best to keep it quiet and resolve the matter as privately as possible. However, when an individual is famous, or well-known in Georgia politics or the community, a DUI charge brought against that person will become a featured news event and privacy becomes absolutely impossible.