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February 2013 Archives

Study: Alcohol mixed with diet soda may be dangerously potent

College students and other residents in Athens, Georgia, may know their limits when it comes to drinking alcohol. But folks who are considering switching to drinking alcohol with diet soda instead of regular soda in an effort to cut calories may want to pay close attention to a new study.

Georgia councilman faces 12-month license suspension after DUI arrest

According to reports, an Alpharetta City councilman was pulled over in Georgia on Feb. 23 for driving with a child who was not properly restrained in the vehicle. The traffic stop resulted in more than a citation for not properly restraining a child passenger, though.

Underage UGA student arrested for DUI after causing crash

Last week, a 19-year-old University of Georgia student was involved in a motor vehicle accident after he allegedly tried to make a turn at an intersection before the light at the intersection turned red. The student struck another vehicle and police were called to investigate the car accident.

Ex-Georgia linebacker pulled over for speeding, arrested for DUI

Being arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Athens may certainly be an unpleasant experience. Folks may feel a bit angry for being accused of driving drunk after making a simple mistake while driving, and they may also feel very confused and uncertain about what will happen next.

Motorist arrested, charged with DUI after car chase in Athens

Last week, Athens-Clarke police attempted to conduct a normal traffic stop after receiving several calls from witnesses who claimed that they had seen a motorist operating his vehicle in a reckless and dangerous manner.

Student charged with felony DUI after breaking pedestrian's foot

Drunk driving is a serious offense that is not to be taken lightly in Athens. However, people do make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes include getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after having one too many drinks.

UGA student arrested for underage drinking after urinating in public

When nature calls and there is no restroom nearby, some Athens residents or college students might be desperate enough to do their business in a somewhat secluded location in public in order to avoid the embarrassment of not making it to the restroom in time. But when someone decides to urinate in public in front of others, an already awkward situation may become even more embarrassing for folks if it results in an arrest.

'CSI: NY' actor plays it cool during DUI arrest

According to reports, an actor from "CSI: NY" was arrested last month for allegedly driving drunk. Athens residents usually hear of celebrity DUI arrests within a few hours or days of the incidents taking place since celebrity arrests are often highly publicized and involve some sort of outlandish behavior, but the "CSI: NY" actor's arrest, which occurred about two weeks ago, was fairly uneventful.