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January 2013 Archives

UGA student arrested for DUI after 'staring' at officer's car

In Georgia, drivers who are 21 and older may be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol when they have a blood alcohol reading of 0.08. The legal limit is not the same for underage drivers, though, since it is illegal for folks to consume alcohol when they are younger than 21. Therefore, drivers younger than the age of 21 may be charged with underage DUI for having a blood alcohol reading of only 0.02 in Georgia.

NFL player arrested for DUI after crashing into 18-wheeler

It was reported earlier this week that an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. Just over a month ago, Cowboys player Josh Brent was accused of driving drunk and causing a car accident that resulted in the death of a fellow teammate.

Researchers: Teens more likely to consume alcohol when friends do

It is not uncommon for parents in Georgia to worry every now and then about whether their children are hanging out with the wrong crowd. No parent wants their child to be pressured by friends into doing something that he or she may not be comfortable with doing.

Congressman's son arrested in Athens for driving under the influence

According to reports, Athens-Clarke County Police reported that they had arrested U.S. Rep. John Barrow's son over the weekend for allegedly committing several criminal offenses.

Supreme Court deliberates on alcoholic impairment searches

The question of warrantless searches of someone perceived to be impaired has been one drawing quite a lot of controversy and discussion for a while. Georgians may have heard that earlier this week the U.S. Supreme Court was reported to have heard several different points regarding the issue. The decision at hand would be whether or not to permit officials to conduct such searches as a blood test without obtaining a warrant for the search first. This case, expected to have a decision come mid-2013, could have the potential to affect certain DUI situations in the future.

Man arrested after he writes on Facebook page about driving drunk

The best thing Georgia residents can do to avoid a DUI conviction is to avoid the possibility of being arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. However, if Georgia residents do drive after drinking too many beers at the bar with friends and still make it home safely without running into any legal trouble, the next best thing folks can do -- in addition to not making the same mistake again -- is to avoid posting about one's poor decision on Facebook or any other social media site.

Troopers report 321 DUI arrests in Georgia during New Year's

Although some cities and counties in Georgia reported fewer DUI arrests during the recent New Year's holiday compared to the previous year, overall, police reported more DUI arrests throughout the entire state over the recent New Year's holiday compared to last year.