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May 2012 Archives

Officer suspects alcohol in 'Powerade' bottle, arrests Athens man

As we mentioned last week on our Athens DUI defense law blog, law enforcement agencies throughout the entire state of Georgia are focused on arresting drunk drivers over the summer in an effort to make our roads safer. However, this also means that you or other motorists could be pulled over in a traffic stop and accused of drunk driving if any sort of activity is deemed suspicious by an officer.

Georgia man who was on medication sentenced in fatal DUI crash

College students and those who are underage might not understand how quickly alcohol can affect their judgment and motor skills, but older Georgia residents may be very well aware of how a couple of beers or glasses of wine could impair their ability to drive.

Sleeping University of Georgia student wakes up with DUI charge

Finals are approaching for high school and college students all across the state of Georgia. While many students may be focused on putting some extra hours of studying in each night, they should also make sure to get enough rest so that they can safely drive to class to take their final exams.

'Lost' actor in legal trouble after DUI arrest

You may be familiar with him playing the doctor on the hit show "Lost," who saved the lives of many and helped lead a group of survivors after a plane crashed on a mysterious island. But now actor Matthew Fox may need a little help of his own from a defense attorney -- and his publicist -- after he was arrested for DUI last week.

Athens police: Drunk driver almost crashed with four kids in car

One Athens woman may have avoided a felony DUI charge over the weekend, but just barely. The woman still faces several other serious charges for allegedly driving drunk with four children in her vehicle.

Criminal charges dropped after UGA police conduct illegal search

Sometimes Athens residents may make poor choices that could lead to serious mistakes with social or legal consequences. However, citizens also have a certain level of privacy that must be protected, even if their actions are not lawful.