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April 2012 Archives

Mom faces year in jail for providing Georgia teens with alcohol

Georgia teens might expect to get into a little trouble if their parents find out that they have been sneaking alcohol or purchasing alcohol from an older friend, but many teens do not realize how easy it is to also get into serious legal trouble for underage drinking, especially if underage DUI charges are involved.

Georgia Student Health Survey: Alcohol easy for minors to obtain

According to the Georgia Student Health Survey, high school students in Georgia do not think it is difficult to get their hands on alcohol if they want to drink. The results of this survey are troublesome to many since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also pointed out that more teenagers are choosing to take part in binge drinking, which can lead to legal, social and health problems.

UGA student accused of walking under the influence of alcohol

University of Georgia students and other residents in the Athens area may be well aware of drinking laws in Georgia. If you are under 21, you could be arrested if police have reason to believe that you are in possession of alcohol or have been consuming alcohol. Additionally, those who are 21 or older may understand that they could be arrested if they choose to drive after drinking one too many beers.

Underage UGA student arrested after running away from officer

Athens-Clarke County police tried to approach a University of Georgia student who was walking near West Broad Street and Sycamore Drive on Saturday morning because police suspected that the student was drunk. When an officer asked the student to walk toward him, the student attempted to run away.

Former UGA athletic director tells of the costs of his DUI arrest

How can a DUI arrest in Georgia affect you for the rest of your life? The former athletic director for the University of Georgia provided a personal answer to this question during a recent public discussion about careers in sports at the Morehouse College of Sports Conference. He explained that his DUI arrest not only resulted in legal trouble, but it also caused him to lose his job at UGA and it nearly destroyed his family.

Judge orders Georgia woman to serve 3 years for drunken incident

In Georgia, an alleged drunk driver will typically face a misdemeanor DUI charge if the driver is arrested after a routine traffic stop or checkpoint. However, if the individual is involved in a serious car accident or has any prior DUI convictions on his or her record, the alleged drunk driver could face felony charges and time in prison.

Amanda Bynes charged with DUI, father says breath test was zero

Conflicting reports have emerged about the former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes regarding her alleged drunk driving incident last week. Regardless of whether or not she is guilty of first-offense DUI, the accusations have already cast a negative shadow on the 26-year-old actress.

University of Georgia student goes to chapel and gets...arrested?

Last week, a University of Georgia student who went to the chapel will not be taking care of some new legal matters because of a marriage. The student was arrested at the University Chapel after campus police reported that the man was drunk and had fallen asleep outside of the building. The student now faces charges for alcohol-related offenses.

Atlanta Braves pitcher arrested, charged with drunk driving

Reckless driving and speeding on a Saturday night could indicate that a driver is intoxicated, prompting a Georgia police officer to ask the driver to take a field sobriety test or a breath test. On the other hand, one's efforts to avoid being pulled over by police by driving too safely on our Athens roads could also give an officer reason to believe that a driver may be drunk.