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January 2012 Archives

Georgia lawmaker wants to give drunk drivers a second chance

According to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Georgia police officers and troopers make about 40,000 DUI arrests each year. Although not every arrest is lawful or results in a conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one could make a safe assumption that there are still thousands of individuals who face serious consequences that could have a lasting impact on their lives after a DUI conviction.

Repeat DUI charges in Georgia can result in mandatory jail time

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, we mentioned that University of Georgia students and other college students in the area may not always face serious consequences at school for minor alcohol-related offenses if the offense is the student's first criminal charge. However, students could still face legal consequences if they are convicted of underage consumption of alcohol or drunk driving.

University of Georgia student arrested for alcohol-related charge

Over the weekend, a University of Georgia student was taken into custody by Athens-Clarke County Police after officers noticed the student urinating by a parked vehicle near North Thomas Street. After approaching the woman, police determined that the 20-year-old appeared to be drunk and charged her with underage possession or consumption of alcohol.

App may help Georgia drivers realize when they are legally drunk

No one wants to be arrested for drunk driving, but there are instances when college students and other Georgia residents get behind the wheel of a vehicle without realizing that they may in fact be legally drunk. If these drivers are pulled over for any minor traffic offense, they could suddenly find themselves under arrest for DUI.

Georgia state lawmaker arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta

Atlanta police reported that a Georgia state representative was pulled over last week and arrested for driving drunk. The Republican lawmaker allegedly failed field sobriety tests and breath tests after he was stopped for running a red light, according to the police report.

Alleged fake ID ring investigated by University of Georgia police

Every year, college students across the U.S. don't seem to have any problems finding someone they can purchase a fake ID from so that they can get into the bars with their peers from the football team or to buy alcohol for a party. However, selling fraudulent identifications in Georgia is a serious offense and being caught in possession of a fake license during a checkpoint stop or at the bar could result in criminal charges.

University of Georgia student charged with DUI after traffic stop

Drinking and driving is a serious crime in the state of Georgia. As a result, even individuals who are charged with first-offense DUI could face serious consequences such as a lengthy license suspension or jail time. Additionally, a DUI arrest could have a significant impact on the lives of college students who are beginning to look for jobs after they graduate this year.

Study: Drunk individuals don't care about consequences of mistakes

When it comes to defending DUI charges in Georgia, attorneys will investigate the circumstances of a traffic stop as well as any evidence that may have illegally been obtained prior to an arrest. Although examining the evidence and facts is extremely important when defending DUI charges, making note of one's reputation can also be beneficial.