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February 2011 Archives

Police pursue multiple arrests after teen drunk driving accident

Anytime a teenager is accused of drunk driving, there is the potential for multiple arrests to follow. When suspected underage DUI leads to an accident, especially a fatal accident, subsequent arrests are nearly inevitable.

Georgia legislators, governor support court system reforms

Georgia has the highest rate of people who are in the corrections system in the U.S. According to WSB News, currently 1 in 13 people in Georgia is in prison, on probation or on parole. It's well-known that Georgia's prisons are overcrowded, and in these tough economic times the state's budget is strapped.

David Cassidy pleads no contest to DUI charges

Former teen idol David Cassidy pleaded no contest to DUI charges this week. His plea was entered in court by his attorney and Cassidy did not appear. Cassidy was given the minimum sentence for a person who pleads no contest to a first-time DUI offense. He was sentenced to one year of probation and a sixth-month driver's license suspension. He also must attend DUI school and pay a $500 fine. Cassidy must also serve 50 hours of community service.

One state considers new underage DUI law

The definition of drunk driving is different for teens than it is for adults. For anyone over the age of 21, having a drink or two may not lead to DUI charges if the adult's blood alcohol content is below the legal limit. But for a teenager, any amount of alcohol can lead to charges.

Governor Deal wants more DUI courts, drug courts in Georgia

Georgia may begin seeing more alternative courts, such as DUI courts and drug courts, but only if the state can come up with the money to fund the programs. Governor Nathan Deal said in his inaugural speech last month that he wanted Georgia to open more DUI courts, drug courts and mental health courts and other alternative programs, such as day reporting centers, while he is governor.

Special treatment for chief's daughter after failed breathalyzer

Do the law enforcement members receive special treatment from their coworkers when they themselves break the law? What about their children or relatives? Some Georgia police officers are claiming that this is exactly what happened yesterday in Toccoa, Georgia, where a police chief's daughter failed on on-site breathalyzer exam yet was not charged with a drunk driving.