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Why so many former couples opt to share child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Divorce |

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift towards shared child custody arrangements following a divorce or separation. This change reflects a growing recognition of the benefits of such arrangements for both children and parents alike.

This isn’t to say that a shared child custody arrangement is preferable for every family situation. Under certain circumstances, it is far better for a child to reside with one parent or the other and to have that parent make major decisions on their behalf. However, for most families, the benefits of a shared custody arrangement are readily apparent.

The potential benefits of a shared custody arrangement

Modern parenting philosophies and research emphasize the importance of keeping both parents in a child’s life. Shared custody allows for continued stability, ensuring that children have access to the love and care of both parents, which can be important for their emotional and psychological well-being. Children generally benefit from the emotional, physical and financial support of both parents, and shared custody arrangements facilitate this involvement.  This approach moves away from the traditional model where one parent was granted sole custody.

Shared custody may allow both parents to more effectively balance their work and parenting responsibilities. It can be particularly beneficial for single parents who work full-time, as the responsibility of childcare is more evenly distributed. To that end, the move towards shared custody challenges traditional gender roles in parenting. It recognizes the role of fathers in child-rearing and supports the idea that mothers are not the only suitable primary caregivers, nor should they be the only ones responsible for their children’s well-being. This shift promotes a more equal approach to parenting responsibilities.

While a shared custody arrangement requires effort and communication from both parents, the long-term benefits for the children make it a worthwhile endeavor under most circumstances.