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What are Super Speeder tickets in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2023 | License Suspension |

While many see speeding tickets as minor traffic violations, the consequences can increase when multiple infractions are documented on a criminal record. Whether intentional or unintentional, the outcome is often the same: a traffic ticket with fines and other potential consequences.

Driving over the speed limit is a common crime that often results in a citation for exceeding state speed laws, resulting in fines and demerit points on their driving records. When it comes to excessive speeding, the Peach State has a specific name and designation for the traffic violation.

Serious criminal consequences

Super Speeder tickets are reserved for Georgia residents operating vehicles at dangerous levels. Driving 85 miles per hour on any highway or road or traveling 75 miles per hour on two-lane roads or highways can result in a super speeder violation.

Depending on how much a driver exceeds speed limits, super speeder convictions tack on a $200 fee in addition to the standard fine. Penalties can carry an overall price tag ranging from $200 to $700. Those amounts do not factor in judges imposing other fees for the crime.

Ignoring the deadline of 120 days to pay the super speeder fee could result in driver’s license suspension combined with another $50 fee. In addition, multiple super speeder infractions reaching at least 15 points in 24 months could result in license suspension.

Being pulled over and issued a speeding ticket does not mean guilt is automatic. Countless factors can play a role in a wrongful accusation of driving too fast. Help from an attorney skilled in this specific area of criminal law can make a significant difference, considering the excessive fines often imposed on those convicted.