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An uncontested divorce may be the right option for you

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Firm News |

Many people think that the only path forward when they want a divorce is through a court case where both sides fight it out in front of a judge. While that, unfortunately, is the case for many couples, there is an alternative for those who would prefer a less confrontational approach.

Sometimes a couple simply wishes to part ways peacefully without a great deal of fighting, and for those couples, an uncontested divorce is a good option to consider.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a process by which a married couple can seek to untangle their finances, rights and responsibilities without having to resort to costly and time-consuming litigation. Many couples choose this option because it offers a number of advantages over traditional contested divorces. These advantages include:

Faster resolution

An uncontested divorce can be completed much faster than a traditional divorce because both sides agree on how the assets should be distributed and how any child custody and support should be arranged.

Greater privacy

In a normal divorce you will have to reveal many personal aspects of your relationship and life in the court, and some of these details can be accessed by the public. In an uncontested divorce, your life can remain private and out of court.

Less emotional trauma

With an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse can avoid all of the fighting that comes with litigation. This can be especially important when you have young children who are sensitive to such severe emotions.

Lower cost

Because you are not going to court and going through a trial, an uncontested divorce can be much cheaper in legal fees than a traditional divorce.

An uncontested divorce may be the right solution for you

Altogether, these factors make an uncontested divorce an attractive option for many couples who are looking to end their marriage. With the advantages it has over traditional divorces, it is worth discussing with your spouse if you believe it is necessary.