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5 marital problems that cause divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Family Law |

It’s possible that you’ve heard half of all marriages end in divorce. While this may not be entirely accurate, many marriages do still end in divorce

Why do divorces occur so frequently? What you may need to know is this:

1. Communication issues

Any successful marriage is built on solid communication. When communication deteriorates or suffers, a marriage may also suffer. People may misunderstand their spouses and cause resentment. There may even be things that aren’t talked about that create difficulties. 

2. Cheating

In a monogamous marriage, it can be greatly upsetting to find one spouse cheating on the other. This frequently occurs as a result of problems that are already present in a marriage, such as poor communication. Some people regularly cheat on their spouses for years without being found out. Many marriages don’t last long after cheating is discovered. 

3. Financial conflict

In a marriage, it’s often expected to merge savings and income. But, impulse issues, overdue bills, debt or addiction issues can quickly drain both spouses’ incomes. As a result, one spouse may be upset with the actions of the other.

4. Abuse of drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and drug addiction may happen to anybody at any time. Addiction can result in personality changes, money problems, and legal troubles. As a result, a marriage may struggle without serious resolutions and therapy. 

5. Religious distinctions

Many individuals marry members of other religions. This happens because there are thousands of religious beliefs. There may be religious differences that prevent certain couples from getting along.

If one or more of these problems are causing your marriage to struggle, it could be helpful to understand your legal rights going forward. You may have to learn what options you have to distance yourself from your spouse.