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3 tips for telling your spouse you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Family Law |

The divorce conversation may have been the last thing on your mind when you were getting married. Unfortunately, if you and your spouse are facing irreconcilable issues and have decided you want a divorce, it may be time to have this conversation. 

However, you should approach it from the right angle, increasing your chances of a peaceful divorce process. Below are three tips for telling your spouse you want a divorce:

Don’t ambush them

Your spouse is perhaps also well-informed of the issues in the marriage, but this doesn’t mean they are expecting a divorce. Thus, avoid telling them about it in unexpected situations, such as in the middle of a fight.  Let them know you want to talk about something serious at a particular time.

Pick a private place

You should consider talking to your spouse at home. This is a place they are familiar with, which means they will be comfortable and can go to their relaxing spot after the conversation. 

However, if your spouse doesn’t respond well to sad news or you are concerned about safety, it will be best to choose a public place, but in a private setting. This can encourage them to stay calm. If safety is your concern, it may help to have a place you can go to after the conversation. 

Don’t blame them

When informing your spouse you want a divorce, use “I” statements. For instance, “I want a divorce because I don’t believe our marriage is working.” Blaming the divorce on them, even if their action motivated the move, may lead to anger and retaliation.

Asking for a divorce can be challenging. Thus, you should be prepared. It will also help to get professional guidance to make the right moves.