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2 factors that can put pressure on a relationship 

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Family Law |

You and your spouse forged a strong relationship in the beginning. Recently, it’s starting to feel like this strength is wavering. Of course, all couples have their ups and downs but the important thing is that troubles are overcome together. 

Some issues are just impossible to overcome, and they can be marriage-ending. Outlined below are some of the main factors that can put immense pressure on a relationship:

1. Financial disputes 

You’ve always been a saver and one of your top priorities is to build a nest egg for your children. Your spouse, on the other hand, feels like every penny should be spent on enjoying yourselves. There is nothing necessarily wrong with either approach, but financial priorities certainly have the potential to put a strain on a marriage. If no middle ground can be found, then you and your spouse may have to face up to the reality that a divorce is inevitable. 

2. Infidelity 

Marriages are founded upon trust. When one spouse has been unfaithful, this can be a blow that the marriage may never recover from. While Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, adultery can certainly provide the option to file a fault-based divorce on the basis that your spouse’s unfaithfulness caused the marriage to end. 

All relationships involve a certain level of give and take, and marriage is no exception. If you feel that the differences in your marriage are irreconcilable then you could be looking at a divorce. At this stage, it’s vital to protect yourself with legal guidance