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Is your marriage headed for divorce? Here are the signs

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Family Law |

Ten years ago, you married the partner of your dreams. You thought the two of you would be together forever. Now, it seems like everything is falling apart and you don’t know what to do. Though you hate to admit it, you think your marriage is headed for divorce.

Coming to the conclusion that a divorce is on the horizon is not easy. Though troubled, your marriage is familiar and comfortable. Uprooting your lives is not something that you want to do. At the same time, you have to be honest about what is happening between the two of you.

Signs that your marriage is in trouble

Sometimes the signs that divorce is inevitable are clear and easy to spot. Loud and frequent arguments are a sure sign that something is not right between the two of you. Other times, the signs are more subtle. They may go unnoticed at first because they take place over an extended period of time. Either way, these are some of the signs that indicate a divorce is coming:

  • The two of you no longer communicate.
  • You have separate bedrooms and you prefer it that way.
  • You have been staying together for the sake of your children.
  • Infidelity has destroyed the trust between you and your partner.
  • Emotional or physical abuse has become the norm in your household.
  • Financial disputes are driving a wedge between the two of you.
  • Alcohol, drugs or a gambling addiction has torn your marriage apart.
  • You married young and your marriage has run its course.
  • You once revered your partner. Now, you resent them.
  • You are not happy and neither is your partner.

If you recognize yourself in any of the signs listed above, take some time to really evaluate your marriage. Divorce is never easy but sometimes it is necessary – and you want to make sure that you fully understand your rights and options.