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Is Staying Married Better For My Health?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Family Law |

Those who believe that marriage is a crucial institution will give many reasons for wanting as many people as possible to get married and stay married until they die. Some people will claim that getting married is better for an individual’s health and life expectancy. There is some science that shows health and longevity benefits for specific people in certain marital situations.

If you believe that people who stay married live longer, then you might fight for your marriage when neither you nor your spouse is happy anymore. If the main reason you want to stay married is that you think it is best for your long-term well-being, you may want to learn more about current research.

The impact of marriage differs significantly

How beneficial marriage actually is for your health depends on how happy you are in the relationship, your sex and many other factors. A marriage that increases your stress levels can do far more harm than good, and an abusive relationship actively puts you in harm’s way.

Women frequently make bigger sacrifices for marital relationships and may live shorter lives there. If your spouse causes you a lot of stress and leaves you with more responsibility in your household, your marriage may not help as much as you think.

Women and men alike will find that leaving a relationship that causes constant arguments and anxiety could actually have a positive impact on their health.

Many people lead healthy and happy single lives

You can enjoy life after marriage even if you can’t currently imagine your life without your spouse. Ending a relationship that makes you unhappy can also motivate you to change other areas of your life. Some people turn their divorce into a reason to lose weight, improve their eating habits or develop a hobby that involves exercise after years of sedentary activities.

Overall, single people report getting more exercise and often better sleep. People who stay single tend to gain less weight as they age compared with those who marry. You will have more free time to care for yourself and less need to balance your own need against someone else’s when you end an unhappy marriage.

When you divorce, you are the only one who has control over your health and finances, which might help you improve your circumstances significantly after a few years. Realistically considering how the choice to divorce will affect your daily life can help you determine if filing is the right choice for you.