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Mistakes to avoid during a Georgia divorce 

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce is rarely an easy process and not a decision that is taken lightly. Marriage is usually entered into with the sincere intention to remain together indefinitely. 

Unfortunately, your marriage didn’t turn out this way. You and your spouse have differences that are irreconcilable. Now, it’s time to think about your future and protecting your rights during and after the separation. What sort of mistakes should be avoided while negotiating a divorce settlement? 

Sacrificing your rights 

You don’t want the divorce to drag on for many months. You’ve heard stories about how former couples end up arguing for months and refusing to be amicable afterward. This makes you want to settle the whole thing as quickly as possible, whatever the costs. With the right support network behind you, you can still have an amicable divorce which does not mean sacrificing all of your legal rights.  

Relying on informal agreements 

You and your spouse have agreed to keep things as cordial as possible. You’ve settled the basics through the courts, and have made verbal agreements regarding child-related issues in the future. While some verbal agreements can be binding, they are typically much more difficult to enforce should something go wrong. It’s fine if you and your spouse reach agreements, but having these drafted in written documents will give you a backup should anything go wrong.

Divorce can be difficult but there is no reason why both you and your former spouse cannot come through the other side, and build a better future. As you navigate this complex process, make sure you have a full understanding of your legal options.