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Why people divorce alcoholics

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Family Law |

Alcoholism has the power to drive a wedge between spouses and wreak havoc on the family. In addition to the potential for heavy drinkers to turn to violence or abuse, there are also concerns with finances and the ability to provide care and maintain domestic responsibilities.

While it is possible to help those with drinking problems through rehabilitation or therapy, there are some situations where divorce is necessary. There are several issues that can lead a couple to divorce when alcoholism exists within the marriage.

Failing to take care of important roles

Extreme consumption of alcohol will impair a person’s ability to perform expected roles and duties, given the impact of alcohol on physical and cognitive functioning. Failing to take children to school, work a job or manage household tasks puts extreme strain on the other spouse.

Causing legal trouble

Constant drinking can lead to an increased risk of getting in trouble with the law. Impaired driving is a serious concern, as it jeopardizes the safety of any occupants in the car and presents the potential for arrest. Domestic violence and disorderly conduct are also legal concerns for couples where alcohol abuse plays a part.

Being absent from responsibilities

Alcoholism has both short- and long-term effects on the family. An alcoholic spends considerable time drinking but also requires time afterward to recover from a hangover. This cycle leads to poor health habits and an inability to remain on a consistent schedule.

Alcoholics make drinking their priority, rather than the domestic and career responsibilities that demand their time. These behaviors will often destroy a marriage and bring a couple to the point of divorce.