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What Cars Are Driven Drunk Most Frequently?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | DUI |

Georgia highway patrol officers have the authority to pull you over if they see you violate a traffic law. According to research, officials stop pickup truck drivers for a DUI at least twice as much as drivers of passenger vehicles.

Data scientists conducted a study of more than 2 million vehicle insurance applications. As reported by Forbes magazine, they found that owners of pickup trucks had a prior DUI offense and accounted for the highest volume of applicants with citations.

Which vehicle models have a higher risk of a DUI traffic stop?

According to the researcher’s study, drivers of a Dodge Ram 2500 heavy duty pickup truck received 45.3 citations for every 1,000 vehicles. The Chevrolet S-10 model followed in second place with motorists receiving 35.9 citations per 1,000 vehicles.

Owners of GMC’s Sierra truck received the fewest number of DUI charges with officers issuing 28 citations out of 1,000 vehicles. While motorists operating passenger vehicles received a fair share of drunken driving citations, drivers of compact SUVs and minivans appeared to have the least likelihood of a DUI.

How may a DUI conviction affect a driver?

A conviction for impaired driving may result in serious penalties under the Peach State’s laws. In addition to a license suspension, a judge may order you to serve up to 12 months in jail for a first offense, as noted on the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety website.

The type of vehicle you drive may influence a traffic officer’s decision to pull you over. In addition to risking incarceration and a loss of your license, you may also end up with a felony conviction on your record. Without a strong defense to a prosecutor’s allegations, you could lose your ability to commute to work or pick up your kids from school.