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FAQs about DUI charges in the state of Georgia

| Mar 12, 2015 | DUI |

If you have recently been accused of drunk driving in Georgia, you probably have many questions. Of course, the best way to get all of your questions answered is by speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can provide you with advice specific to the facts of your case.

However, today we will be featuring a few frequently asked questions about DUI charges in Georgia here on our blog:

Do I have to plead guilty if I failed a BAC test?

No. In fact, we hardly ever recommend pleading guilty to a DUI no matter how much evidence seems to be stacked against you. You would be surprised to know how often it is possible to have drunk driving charges dismissed after exploring the full range of potential defenses, including lack of reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, faulty BAC tests, an unconstitutional DUI roadblock and more.

Will I lose my license after failing a BAC test or refusing to take a BAC test?

Under state law, your driver’s license is automatically suspended if you blow a .08 or above, or if you refuse the breath test, but the question is how long it will be suspended for. It is often possible to keep your license while we work on building your defense as long as you apply for a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) within 10 days of your arrest.

Is a DUI conviction that big of a deal?

Yes. A DUI conviction can impact many aspects of your life. Not only is it extremely expensive and can result in jail time, a permanent criminal record can also stand in the way of you qualifying for a job or loan in the future. We know how serious a DUI conviction is, which is why we try to win every single case for our clients.

We would be happy to answer more questions specific to your DUI case. Contact our offices to set up a free consultation; your future self will be glad you did.