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University of Georgia football player arrested after DUI stop

| Mar 30, 2017 | DUI |

A University of Georgia football player was arrested earlier this month when the driver of a car he was riding in was pulled over after nearly hitting another vehicle. That driver was charged with DUI marijuana as well as possession of marijuana and failure to yield on a left turn.

Meanwhile, UGA wide receiver Riley Ridley was charged with possession of marijuana. Both the driver and Ridley allegedly had under an ounce of the drug in their possession in plastic bags, which carries a misdemeanor charge. Under UGA athletic policy, Ridley was suspended for one game, since this was his first offense.

Police reports indicate that the woman driving the car failed to comply with commands by an Athens-Clarke County officer when she was told to pull over and show her hands. She reportedly didn’t show her hands until the officer took out his gun.

Police say that despite the smell of marijuana in the vehicle, both occupants at first denied smoking any before eventually admitting that they had done so earlier in the day before heading to Six Flags Over Georgia.

No matter how individuals may feel about marijuana, it’s still illegal to consume it under federal law and in most states, with the exception of medical marijuana. Besides the legal consequences, students convicted of marijuana-related crimes can face consequences at their colleges and universities, including penalties related to scholarships and athletics.

That’s why it’s essential for students and their parents to take these charges seriously and to seek experienced legal guidance from a Georgia defense attorney experienced in handling DUI and drug-related charges.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “Details on arrest of UGA WR Riley Ridley,” Marc Weiszer, March 13, 2017