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Is living in a sober dorm a good idea for college students?

| Jul 21, 2016 | Underage Drinking |

Although it’s still the height of summer, it won’t be long before students will be streaming in to the University of Georgia, ready to begin the fall semester.

Whether you are returning from summer break or about to start your first semester, a number of students — and their parents — make the decision that living in a sober dorm during their college years is a good idea. Could this be a wise option for you or your child?

While all states have laws prohibiting drinking from those under 21, it’s a reality that many (if not most) university students consume alcohol. If you have concerns about underage drinking in your living area, a sober dorm is one option to consider.

There are various reasons why students choose sober living situations while residing on campus. Some have religious or cultural objections to the use of alcohol and illegal drugs and prefer not to associate freely with those who indulge. Others are in recovery themselves and want to be spared from the temptation to relapse.

But still others are law-abiding citizens who are attending college for the educational benefits and prefer to direct their focus on academic excellence or athletic performance. They don’t want to be distracted by intoxicated roommates or dorm neighbors who choose to indulge in drug or alcohol use.

Regardless of where you live on campus, at some point it is inevitable that you will be exposed to drinking, drugs and the behaviors of those who have consumed them. You may even slip yourself on occasion, which could have very serious consequences for those choosing to live in a sober environment.

Should you get charged as a minor in possession of alcohol, fighting back with a strong defense in court can allow your previously spotless record to remain unblemished.

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