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Busted for open container? Call us!

| Dec 18, 2015 | DUI |

People often erroneously believe that as long as they are not the driver of the vehicle, they are free to consume alcoholic beverages while riding in an automobile. However, doing so is a violation of Georgia’s open container law.

As defined by state law, an “open alcoholic beverage container” is a can, bottle or other vessel containing any alcoholic beverage with either the seal broken or missing some of the contents.Not only are passengers not allowed to drink or possess open alcoholic beverages while riding in vehicles, it is possible to be charged with an open container violation while walking on the sidewalk with an open beer, or in some circumstances, even while hanging out in the common areas of apartment complexes.

The courts count on most people who are charged with misdemeanor offenses like open container violations to simply pony up the fine. But even having a misdemeanor conviction for open container can have a chilling effect on a promising educational career.

The University of Georgia may let students slide on arrests for minor offenses . . . or they may not. Students already on academic probation could face suspension after an arrest. It’s also possible to lose scholarships or the right to live in campus housing if you get arrested.

At Daniels & Rothman, P.C., we understand the exuberance of youth does not make you a criminal deserving of a blemished record before you even graduate from college. We are not afraid to aggressively challenge misdemeanor arrests to protect our clients’ future career trajectories.

If you are arrested for any criminal offenses while attending UGA, give us a call. Our attorneys will fight hard to keep your record clean.