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You don’t have to plead guilty after a failed BAC test

| Jan 2, 2015 | DUI |

As we have been reporting, Georgia law enforcement spent the holidays cracking down on suspected drunk drivers. New Year’s Eve, especially, is known as one of the biggest nights for police to target drunk driving, which is why arrests typically skyrocket.

If you were pulled over and charged with drunk driving over the holidays, chances are you feel somewhat scared and confused, especially if you haven’t been through it in the past. Our last post on “What you need to know after being charged with a DUI in Georgia” can help to put your mind at ease.

Additionally, if you failed a blood, breath or urine test you may think that you have already lost your case, but this isn’t true. None of these tests are failsafe, which means the prosecution doesn’t necessarily have a slam-dunk case against you.

There are many scientific factors that call the reliability and accuracy of blood, breath and urine tests into question. Our firm understands the science behind evidential testing, and we know that it cannot always be trusted.

Not only can the way a test is administered lead to an inaccurate reading, the test itself can result in a false-positive reading. You can read more about the ways in which these tests can produce inaccurate results here.

While some attorneys would encourage you to plead guilty to a DUI after failing a blood, breath or urine test this is not the approach we take. We know that the stakes are too high to simply plead guilty. We fight for our clients’ rights by challenging the evidence the prosecution is trying to use against them.