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Woman charged with DUI following fatal motorcycle crash

| Jul 3, 2014 | DUI |

A sedan driver is facing multiple DUI-related charges following a fatal collision with a motorcycle on June 28 in Georgia. One person was killed in the wreck, and news sources say the allegedly intoxicated driver was taken into custody at the scene by Atlanta police. According to sources, preliminary charges in connection with the case include reckless driving, DUI, vehicular homicide and following too closely.

The incident happened as the woman attempted to merge her car onto Interstate 20. According to police, the motorcycle’s female passenger fell from the bike when it was clipped from behind by the sedan. The passenger was subsequently run over by the car, and reports indicate that she died at the scene. Following the impact, the bike collided with a median wall, and its driver left the area on foot after realizing that his passenger had succumbed to her injuries.

Police later found the motorcyclist at Grady Memorial Hospital. The 39-year-old man was detained and charged with theft by receiving a stolen vehicle, vehicular homicide and hit and run. Although the motorcyclist does not appear to have been under the influence of alcohol when the crash occurred, law enforcement officials indicate that the sedan driver’s blood alcohol level was 0.209 percent shortly following the incident.

Georgia residents who are charged with drunk driving under similar circumstances may find it beneficial to seek help from a DUI defense attorney, who may be able to uncover technical issues with the breath test equipment or irregularities in the police reports. In some situations, a DUI defense attorney may be able to secure a desirable outcome for a charged driver who would like to avoid the harsh penalties often associated with a drunk driving conviction.

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