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How can a DUI charge negatively affect one’s career?

| Feb 2, 2014 | DUI |

Anyone who has ever been accused of DUI in Georgia knows that simply being charged with such a crime can have a number of negative consequences. Indeed, the consequences go beyond any jail time that might be ordered if a conviction is ultimately secured. Many Athens residents have lost their jobs simply because they were accused of DUI. In other words, they were terminated from their jobs before their cases were even heard in a court of law.

Another potential of a DUI accusation could include a suspended drivers license. Getting one’s license suspended is often more serious than one might immediately think. For those who drive for a living, it could mean the immediate loss of their job and, thus, the ability to earn an income.

Some workplaces in Georgia have mandatory firing policies. In fact, many employees have already agreed to employment contracts indicating that if they are arrested and/or convicted of a crime, it could be grounds for termination. Loss of one’s insurance is another factor that those accused of DUI must consider. For example, many employers are required by their insurance provider to terminate all individuals who are accused of DUI.

A DUI conviction can ruin a career in other ways as well — not just those that have been referenced above. Indeed, the simple accusation of criminal conduct could have negative consequences both at work and in the community. Georgia residents who been accused of such crimes must necessarily work to protect their legal rights while preparing and presenting the best legal defense that is available.

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