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UGPD reports an increase in “morning-after” DUI charges

| Jan 15, 2014 | DUI |

According to the University of Georgia Police Department, instances of daytime drunk driving have been on the rise. They attribute this to an increase in alcohol tolerance by drinkers who party through the night. They wake up in the morning believing that they are now sober enough to drive. However, even after a night’s rest, their blood alcohol content could still be high enough for them to be considered DUI.

Police believe that more drinkers are being responsible, using alternative and safer means to return home as opposed to driving under the influence. However, many people do not know that they could still be too drunk to drive the following morning. Responsible drivers should be aware of this danger because, it is sometimes difficult to tell if one is simply groggy from hangover effects or if one is actually still inebriated.

Some are saying that students feel free to drink more while they are out because of the many safe ride options that are now available to them. The problem is described as a vicious circle — obviously the community wants to get inebriated drivers off the road and provide them with an alternative means for getting home, but these services also enable people to drink more. The best thing for Georgia residents to realize is that the after effects of a night of hard drinking will likely continue well into the following morning.

Regardless, if a DUI arrest occurs in the evening or in the late morning, they come with the same consequences if one is convicted of the crime. If a traffic accident and death or injuries are also involved, a Georgia resident could potentially spend many years behind bars. For those who have already been arrested and accused of DUI, legal options are available for their defense. Indeed, no one will be found guilty of any criminal charge until –and only if — they are proved to be so in a court of law.

Source: redandblack.com, Daytime DUIs increase as result of drinkers with higher alcohol tolerance, Laura James, Jan. 13, 2014