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Georgia deputies to increase DUI patrols with $38k grant money

| Dec 8, 2013 | DUI |

Georgia law enforcement officers, both local police and county sheriff’s deputies, diligently patrol the streets to keep the community safe. While this service is clearly helpful, sometimes a Georgia resident may find him or herself in trouble with the law and charged with DUI as a result. Being arrested on DUI charges can be a traumatic and difficult experience for the accused, especially if one is not guilty of the crime charged.

Recently, a $38,000 grant was given to one Georgia sheriff’s office for the purpose of reducing highway crashes, fatalities and injuries. The grant was made by the Governor’s office. It is part of a statewide project called, H.E.A.T., which will be targeting the reduction of different driving violations like failing to wear a seatbelt and DUI.

Road checks and multi-jurisdictional sobriety checkpoints will be increased throughout Georgia. As a result, DUI arrests may also increase as officers check and test more drivers randomly. While these efforts do help keep the roadways safer to some degree, they sometimes errors as well.

Being charged with a crime is a stressful experience, no matter how big or small the allegations happen to be. However, Georgia drivers facing DUI charges, regardless how of compelling the evidence against them may appear, have a variety legal defense strategies available to them. Even in situations where a driver admits to guilt, he or she may be able to significantly improve the outcome of his or her case through plea negotiations directed toward reducing the threat of stiff penalties.

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