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Man dresses as woman to flee DUI first offense charge in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

A 36-year-old man, who is facing drug charges in a northeastern state, was recently arrested and charged with drunk driving in Georgia. It is not known whether the drunk driving charge is a DUI first offense, or if he has a prior conviction on his record. However, in the state of Georgia, a DUI first offense charge generally comes with less stringent punishments than for a second or third offense.

Allegedly, a news crew spotted the man parked alongside the road, asleep and drooling in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. According to the allegations, he later woke up and began to drive his vehicle. Police say that he then caused a five-car accident. Moreover, he is accused of fleeing the accident scene by climbing over the top of a barbed-wire fence.

Police claim that the man hid in a hotel for several days in order to avoid capture. However, police allegations do not stop there. Authorities say the man donned a special disguise to make him appear as if he were a woman and then caught a bus to head back up north.

A warrant has apparently been issued for the man’s arrest in Georgia for driving under the influence. Because he faces criminal accusations in two different states, it may be necessary for him to have different representation for the separate cases. By collaborating together, his attorneys will likely attempt to reach the best possible outcome in both cases.

Depending on the facts surrounding the case against this man, his drug charges in the northeast may be more serious than the DUI hit-and-run charges in Georgia. That said, the severity of potential punishments in Georgia will likely depend on the injuries sustained by the others involved in the collision and whether this is a DUI first offense. If he has prior convictions on his record and/or if someone was catastrophically injured or killed in the accident, he could face the potential of jail time. However, before any sentence can even be considered in Georgia, it will be the sole obligation of prosecutors to prove any criminal charges by relevant and competent evidence that establishes the man’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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